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Monarto Track Location & Information
« on: June 04, 2014, 01:48:07 PM »
Hey guys,


Few people keep asking about the location of the track so thought I would put up a specific thread for everyone to go to.

Top of the picture is due north.

This shows the entrance from a high level showing where the freeway exit is (take left turn), the road parallel (in yellow) is the Old Princes Hwy. The road on the turn off from the freeway is Ferries McDonald Road.

This shows the various entrances on the Old Princes Hwy. DO NOT use the AMA Entrance (it has two white tractor tyres out the front). Go past this to the next entrance.

At the entrance to the SALS track there are two gates. One to the go-kart track and one to our track. Ours is the one on the left as shown in the pick. Basically follow the track up and over the hill and you will find us.

Here is a link from Google Maps you can see how to get there from where you live -

If anybody has any questions let me know, or if you need PM me and I will give you my mobile number.


Just a heads up. When there are fire ban days at Monarto we will not be allowed to run at the track.

If you are unsure whether there is a fire ban or not you can check the CFS website here -

Monarto is in section 6. A rating of severe or above is a total fire ban (the area will have flashing "TFB" to indicate).


As part of the the SALS agreement with the AMA we have clarified some rules for camping at the Monarto track they are as follows.

1    Camping is allowed at any time At the Monarto Track without permission of the AMA (the land owner) by any financial member who has a key and their immediate family.

2    Camping may be permitted for non members as guest to the Club or members with written approval by the AMA. Any non member wishing to camp at the track must forward a request to the Club Secretary with at least 2 weeks notice so as he can seek approval from the AMA -

3    The AMA retains the right to refuse camping approval and also to eject any non member from the grounds.

4    Toilet facilities will be the responsibility of those camping they must be left in a clean and sanitary condition, this means you will have the responsibility to clean them before you leave the site. Toilet cleaning will be handled by the club for sanctioned club events.

5    Shower facilities may be used at a charge of $5 per shower and must be pre-arranged with the AMA (so they can show you the starting procedure for the hot water).

6    There can absolutely be no camp fires during fire ban season anybody caught lighting any camp fires during this time will be ejected from the grounds.

7    It goes with out saying that all persons camping on the grounds must act in responsible manner and are not to cause any damage to the surrounding property or disturb any other people in the area.

I'm sure with these guidelines in place there is still plenty of scope for us all to have a lot of fun up at the Monarto track.
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